Lawyer, VC Investor, Disruption Disciple, Author and Exponential Technologies Enthusiast.

Considered one of the leading European Banking, Investment and Blockchain/Crypto Law specialists Guenther is also passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, rock music, custom brat-style motorcycles, obstacle course racing and vinyl records.
Guenther is a Partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Zurich and Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland as well as a member of PwC’s Global Legal Leadership team directing the firm’s global legal practise comprising more than 4000 lawyers in more than 90 countries where his particular focus is on the firm’s LegalTech efforts.

He is the author of 10 books mostly on investment law and regulation but also of “Making Money out of Technology” (2003), “Uptake Revisited: How Innovative Products succeed in International Markets” (2007) and “New Suits. Appetite for Disruption in the Legal World” (2019). He is actively involved in numerous ventures and lectures at various universities. Guenther is also the founder of global tech enthusiasts movement Disruption Disciples ( and the host of the educational video series „Appetite for Disruption“ ( which promises to take the audience to the edge of innovation. And past it!