2018 might not have been a great year from crypto markets, with the core coins Bitcoin and Ethereum hitting all time lows, many took a step back and thought, ’is this industry just one massive bubble?’

Despite the high levels of doubt and headlines declaring ‘’Crypto Winter’’, 2018 was actually a very positive year for blockchain. Investment into blockchain continued; entrepreneurship thrived; several protocols released their mainnets; a tremendous amount of dApps were launched; the IMF spoke positively about cryptocurrencies, mass adoption continued and furthermore most of the world’s largest companies announced that they were working on blockchain solutions.

 ”Blockchain is will be part of our everyday lives. It’s no longer about ‘if’, it’s more like ‘when’… and when is now”

Sweden continued to be seen as a key player in innovation, being reported as one of Europe’s top innovation hubs and saw a great amount of entrepreneurial energy being pushed into the blockchain sector. With Spotify acquiring MediaChain to solve the attribution problem for the music industry; a handful of exchanges and banking solutions also tapped into blockchain; local capital came into blockchain projects, and we are excited to see what comes next.

With it’s entrepreneurs, founders and thought leaders, the blockchain sector is one to be watched, it is moving at sonic speed. It is very rare that a technology comes along and completely disrupts! But blockchain is a true disruptor, and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t just disrupt one sector, it disrupts all sectors, impacting us all.

The opportunities are endless: How will blockchain impact logistics and transportation? How will it help us monitor sustainable fair trade? What does blockchain mean for impact investing? How does blockchain position itself against central banks? What happens when we marry blockchain and AI? There is so much to grasp, debate and discuss.

It’s only our first year of the Stockholm Blockchain Forum. We are part of TechBook, a reputable events company in its 11th year.  Responsible for bringing professionals together for quality conference such as: www.nordicitsecurity.com & www.i-gamingforum.com

With Blockchain booming, can you afford not to join us? So join us in Stockholm, the capital of innovation and technology, at our version of “Wembley Stadium”; the Stockholm International Fairs for the Stockholm Blockchain Forum 2019.